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Whitesands project

A scheme to provide flood protection and regeneration for the Whitesands area of Dumfries was agreed in November 2015. The project will transform the Whitesands, greatly improving an underutilised area of the town.

Publishing the Scheme

We were legally required to publish the Whitesands Flood Protection Scheme as part of the process to get approval from the Scottish Government and you were able to submit comments for a period of 28 days. The deadline for representations was Wednesday 15 March.

All representations were reviewed and presented to councillors for consideration in June. Members made the preliminary decision to confirm the scheme without modifications and we have since notified Scottish Ministers of this decision.

Scottish Ministers must now decide whether they will consider the scheme. We wrote to the Scottish Government on Friday 4 August. They have acknowledged the letter and advised they would make their decision by Monday 2 October.

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Agreed design

The Whitesands scheme is based on a 'raised walkway' concept with a combination of walls, glass panels and flood gates providing flood protection.

The new physical defences (either walls/glass/raised walkway combinations) begin next to the Dumfries and Galloway Standard offices and end just past the Pizzeria in Dock Park. There are also defences over the river at Welldale and Kenmure Terrace.

The key design features are:

  • The walkway will now be a maximum of 1.4m high. This reduced height greatly improves the views of Whitesands.
  • Use of glass panels along walkway will provide a permanent 1 in 25 year return period standard of protection
  • Use of demountable walling above the glass panels will provide the additional height for 1 in 75 year return period standard of protection
  • Gentler gradients allow full use of the grassed slopes as an open space
  • Where there is insufficient room to accommodate the raised walkway there will be a combination of walls, glass panels and flood gates.
  • The raised walkway has a smaller footprint meaning the 4 bus stop interchange can be accommodated without changes to the carriageway
  • All parking on the shop side of the Whitesands will be retained
  • A focal point and viewing area will be created at the Sandy Opening

Further information

We have prepared some answers to frequently asked questions about the project:

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Page last updated: 30/08/17