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We welcome your feedback and hold public consultations so that you can take part in decisions that affect you.

Open consultations

Made in Dumfries and Galloway - closes on Friday 18 August
Community Learning Needs Assessment - closes on Friday 1 September
Review of Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils - closes on Friday 8 September

Recent consultations

Inclusive play - closed Monday 17 July
Early learning and childcare provision - closed Friday 14 July
Reporting child protection issues - closed on Friday 7 July
Carers Strategy - closed Friday 30 June
Community safety survey - closed Friday 30 June
Active Travel Strategy for Dumfries Learning Town - closed Friday 26 May
Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils - closed on Friday 19 May
Draft supplementary guidance on developer contributions - closed on Monday 15 May
Naming the NW Campus school - closed on Saturday 29 April
Local Development Plan 2 (Main Issues Report) - closed on Monday 24 April
School satisfaction - closed on Friday 31 March
Whitesands Flood Protection Scheme - closed on Wednesday 15 March
Community Justice Outcome Improvement Plan - closed on Friday 10 March
Draft supplementary guidance on historic built environment - closed on Monday 13 February
Future options for Gracefield Arts Centre - closed on Monday 16 January

Other ways to have your say

Page last updated: 24/07/17