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Annual canvass of electors

We carry out a canvass each year of all households in Dumfries and Galloway to establish who is eligible to vote and make sure the electoral register is up to date.

We've sent a form to every household in Dumfries and Galloway. You must respond to tell us if there has been a change to your household or if your household details remain the same.

You can respond in one of three ways:

  1. Visit (you'll need the two part security code from the form)
  2. Complete and sign the form before returning it in the pre-paid envelope
  3. Call 0800 197 9871 (you'll need the two part security code from the form) -  this is only if you have no changes to make

Some non-responding households will receive telephone reminders instead of the usual household visit as part of a pilot project to improve the way the canvass operates.

Page last updated: 22/08/17