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Roads funding secured

Dumfries and Galloway Council put together an ambitious bid to the Strategic Timber Transport Fund earlier this year to improve 11 public road schemes across the region. 10 bids were successful and we have been awarded a total of £1.4M from the fund.

We are co-funding these schemes with £800,000 being made available. This equates to a total scheme value of £2.2M.

The proposed schemes will be integrated into the current Dumfries and Galloway Council Capital Works Programme for 2017/2018 where the co-funding has already been agreed by committee.

  1. A708 Moffat to Scottish Borders boundary - provision of passing places, carriageway strengthening and drainage improvements
  2. B709 Langholm to Scottish Borders boundary - strengthening/reconstruction
  3. B723 Eskdalemuir village to Lockerbie - carriageway construction at haul road access/egress
  4. B7068 Langholm to Lockerbie - carriageway strengthening
  5. U300a Laverhay - significant drainage improvements, provision of passing places and carriageway strengthening/widening
  6. A709 Dumfries to Lockerbie - carriageway strengthening
  7. C46w A714 to South Ayrshire boundary - provision of passing places and carriageway strengthening/widening.
  8. B7027 South Ayrshire boundary - provision of passing places and carriageway strengthening/widening.
  9. C13s/B795 Connects the in forest haul route to the A713 - carriageway strengthening
  10. A712 Crofts - carriageway strengthening

These much needed funds will allow for a programme of works to upgrade rural roads to accommodate an increased demand for forestry extraction over the next 10-20 years. The benefits include:

  • improved transport links
  • upgrades to the road network
  • improved road safety
  • reduced damage to the public road network
  • reduced disruption to the public road network
  • sustaining local employment and the rural economy

Archie Dryburgh who Chairs the Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee said:

This is excellent news for the region's roads and this package of improvements provides vital support for the region's timber transport and the Forestry Industry. In addition the work involved will be beneficial to other road users and reduces the ongoing maintenance costs of these roads.

This bid was based on a strategic package of improvement measures across the region targeting priority forestry routes encompassing: strip widening, strengthening, creation of new passing places, cutting back of overhanging vegetation for sight lines / road safety, drainage improvements, installation of new culverts and improvement to existing culverts. Four of the proposed schemes are strategic cross-border routes and commonly feature steep topography, narrow road widths, and poor drainage.

Page last updated: 20/06/17