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Animal welfare and licensing

We enforce legislation that protects livestock, farm animals, feedstuffs and the integrity of the human food chain.

We also offer advice and assistance to farmers and the livestock industry so that they can comply with their legal obligations.


You are required by law to hold a licence for certain animal related businesses and ownership. You can download an application form and return it by post with the relevant fee and documentation.

LicenceInitial feeRenewal fee
word icon Riding establishments [95kb]£175.80 + vet fees£144 + vet fees
word icon Animal boarding establishments [48kb]£175.80 + vet fees£144 + vet fees
word icon Dangerous wild animals [51kb]£336.60 + vet fees£240 + vet fees
word icon Dog breeding [47kb]£175.80 + vet fees£144 + vet fees
word icon Pet shop [53kb]£145.20 + vet fees£112.20 +vet fees
word icon Performing animals [45kb]£157.20 
word icon Zoo [61kb]  


Animal feed businesses are legally obliged to register with us.

Registration covers any business involved in the feed industry including arable farms, feed storage or feeding animals that will enter the food chain.

Report a carcase

Contact us on 030 33 33 3000 if you come across a carcase from a farmed animal. We'll need to know the exact location.

Page last updated: 22/12/17