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Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. Dumfries and Galloway is a Fairtrade Zone and we are part of the Regional Fairtrade Steering Group.

The Regional Fairtrade Steering Group is made up of representatives from:

  • Dumfries and Galloway Council
  • Local towns and villages who have achieved Fairtrade status for their communities
  • Loch Arthur Camphill Community, the region's Fairtrade Employer Champion

The FAIRTRADE Mark is an independent consumer label you see on a product that meets the international Fairtrade standards. The mark shows a product has been certified to offer a better deal to the farmers and workers involved in production.

What we're doing

Dumfries and Galloway is a Fairtrade Zone, which was achieved in October 2017. The award also recognises the Fairtrade activity of schools, voluntary groups, businesses and faith groups across the region. Fairtrade zones are towns or regions that have to make a commitment to supporting Fairtrade and using licensed products with the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Our procurement guidelines have also been updated to ensure fairly traded products are part of the product ranges we purchase if they are available.

How you can help

There are several ways for schools, businesses, organisations and individuals to help support and promote Fairtrade. Many individual organisations across our region have already achieved Fairtrade status or are working towards it. This includes schools, faith organisations and social enterprises.

Visit the following websites for general advice:

Page last updated: 11/12/17