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Service standards for Building Standards

Building Standards staff are committed to providing a high standard of service to customers. A series of service standards and performance targets have been developed which are regularly reviewed and monitored.

Customer Charter

The Building Standards Customer Charter sets out the core visions and values of the service. It provides details of the services we offer, the standards we should adhere to, and our measurable performance targets:

Balanced scorecard

We use a tool called a balanced scorecard to monitor, review and develop our strategies for the service. The scorecard is updated on a quarterly basis.

Customer satisfaction

The Scottish Government commissioned a survey to gather feedback on customer satisfaction for all Building Standards services in Scotland. The results of the survey were published in November 2015:

We developed an action plan based on the strengths and possible weaknesses of our Building Standards service which were identified by customers. This plan includes our response to specific feedback:

Improvement log

There are often changes required to our service as a result of feedback we receive. We keep a record of the improvements we've made:

Page last updated: 22/12/17