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Dumfries and Galloway Council is run by 43 councillors who are elected every five years by the residents they represent. The council area is made up of 12 wards with either three or four councillors in each ward.

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You can drop-in to a councillor's surgery session.

Political control

Our administration is a partnership between Labour and the Scottish National Party.

Councillor Elaine Murray is the Council Leader with Councillor Rob Davidson as Depute Leader and Civic Head.

Councillor Tracey Little is the Provost of Dumfries and Nithsdale.

There are currently 6 political groupings:

An Independent Grouping of the Council is formed by Councillor Richard Brodie (Scottish Liberal Democrats) and the 3 members of the Independent Group.

Committee meetings

Councillors are part of committees which meet regularly and you're welcome to attend most meetings. We publish meeting papers online so you can see when meetings will take place, what will be discussed or what decisions were made.

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Further information

Page last updated: 17/11/17